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The positive impact Organic & Natural products can have on your skin

Throughout your life, your skin will change with you, based on the foods you consume, your choice of clothing, and even the atmosphere you live in. Most importantly, it will change based on your skincare routine. Because no two bodies are the same, and every person’s skin is completely unique, learning your skin type and how to look after your skin can truly make all the difference.

Products that are filled with chemicals and unknown ingredients can often do more harm than good. Even though you may think you are helping your skin, you could very well be pushing harmful chemicals into your pores and causing further irritation. Even though our skin tends to have natural resilience, sometimes we will react badly to our routines and begin to break out, leaving symptoms such as oily, dry, red, or flaky skin. This is where the importance of good skincare really becomes crucial to the health of our bodies.

The best products are those that come straight from the earth. Natural, organic ingredients have the power to help you heal and shine without the nasty side effects of breakouts and irritation. Due to their gentle combinations, these products are often perfect for people with sensitive skin. This is why here at Dream Cream NZ we use 100% natural and organic ingredients across our entire range of products, to give you the foundation for the best skincare regimen possible.

Achieving a balance between skincare and mindful eating are the two simple steps towards better skin. Eating more natural foods, cutting out any harsh products, and replacing them with all-natural & organic ones, makes a huge impact on the quality and health of your skin. Your body will truly begin to thank you, and who doesn’t love that all-natural glow?

We only get one skin in this life, so it’s extremely important to treat it with love and care. That’s why we have full belief in the power of natural ingredients here at Dream Cream, and highly recommend our 100% organic products to anybody struggling with skincare, or simply interested in healthier and more resilient skin.


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