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Celebrating 2 years of Dream Cream

This month we are celebrating two amazing years of having Dream Cream.

We’ve had so much fun, learnt so much, experimented plenty and yes of course, made a few mistakes along the way (more learning), and most importantly have met lots of wonderful people!

As was our simple mission and vision from the beginning, we continue to live by this: to create superior natural and organic skin care products for “everyBODY”, to heal, pamper and luxuriate, while providing outstanding service of excellence and care.

As we’d planned to create skin care for everybody, of course our first project was to develop and produce men’s skincare. At that stage, there were only products for women, children, and babies. So, creative Pete got to work and came up with our “Seriously Man” range. This was also born as we “seriously” believe it’s just as important for men to care for their skin as it is for women. See our previous blog on The Importance of Caring for Men’s skin”.

And the best thing about our men’s range is being specifically designed by a man. Creative Pete spent many hours researching, testing, and experimenting to come up with our 3 fabulous men’s products. We are looking also to introduce a Men’s facial cleanse, based on our Oil Cleanse.

Our next new products were our Cocoa Butter Lotion Bar and Insect Repellent Bar.

The Cocoa Butter bar is a luxuriously scented rub-on moisturising bar and is just divine. The Insect Repellent (same rub-on), while not so beautifully scented, acts not only as an insect repellent, but is a moisturiser as well. And yes, creative Pete again.

Next, I (see, it’s not all about creative Pete) developed our Hand Gold to complement our Face Gold and to be part of the Gold Label series. Watch out for something new coming up here soon!!

Late last year, creative Pete started working again on his newest creations, and went down a completely different track – our beautiful Fused Glass Pendants. These are kiln-fired glass cut and shaped to produce stunning colourful and unique pendant necklaces.

Our newest edition, coming up shortly to add to our Gold Label series, is our Eye Gold. This is a silky-smooth eye serum oil – pure magic. This is a combined effort, but mainly me!!

We have made so many other improvements and changes and are so pleased with what we’ve achieved, but couldn’t have done it without the support and loyalty of our wonderful customers.

And that’s where we’re asking for help and support again from customers and readers. If you have any suggestions for us or requests for new products or to try samples, please just let us know.

Either e-mail us at or phone me on 0274 594 777 or use our freephone – 0800 020 292

Thank you.



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