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The Importance of Caring for Men’s skin

Facial Skin

There is often a myth that men’s facial skin is more resilient than women’s, and that it has a sturdier protective layer, so therefore they do not need to use facial skincare products.

But that’s far from being true.

Men’s and women’s facial skin are different, but regardless, men still need to care for their facial skin for the same reasons we all need to care for our hair, teeth, and our digestive system – because lack of care accelerates the effects of aging.

Our skin is a living tissue. It is vulnerable to harmful effects of air pollution, dietary habits and, unfortunately, to the passage of time. So, it is good to know that quality natural skincare products have a real and positive impact.

They protect the skin, boost blood circulation, and they are loaded with natural active ingredients, and nutrients that nourish the skin. Well-nourished skin is healthy skin. On top of that, the best formulated skincare products reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and spots.

The bottom line is that it is vital for men to take care of their facial skin if they want it to be healthy and look its best.


Three Main differences between male and female facial skin

1. More active sebaceous glands and bigger pores

This means two main things: men’s facial skin is more prone to the effects of free radicals in the air (larger pores – bigger ‘doors’ to the skin) and the skin is oilier and shinier. That alone serves as a wakeup call for all men; they need to better protect their skin and get rid of excess oils.

And a great starting point is our amazing Oil Cleanse which removes dirt and pore clogging debris without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Our Oil Cleanse is not just for women, as men need and deserve a beautifully cleansed skin too.

2. Signs of aging come in a bang!

Signs of aging appear later for men, but when they do, they occur more quickly and more fully formed. So, taking a preventative approach here is incredibly important. Men shouldn’t wait for facial skin to start aging and should be nourishing facial skin on a regular basis to diminish the appearance of aging when it comes.

This doesn’t mean, however, that older men can’t benefit from starting to use quality natural skincare to improve their skin. It is never too late to start caring for skin!

Our After Shave Crème is the perfect solution to keeping a man’s face protected and healthy with its nourishing and healing properties that locks in all the natural goodness to give a smooth, soft, moisturised skin.

3. Shaving stresses the skin

Every shave removes the upper layer of skin cells, exposing ‘immature’ skin that is more sensitive to external factors. Over-sensitive skin demands more pronounced care.

And having a beard doesn’t relieve men from caring for their skin. Having a full beard elicits a whole range of different challenges when it comes to facial skincare.

And for the shavers our Pre Shave Oleo is ideal. It softens the skin before shaving to allow a smoother, easier and way less damaging shave.

Hands and Body

While facial skin care is important for men, so too is keeping hands, arms, legs etc. well moisturised. A quality natural moisturiser is essential for repairing damaged skin, preventing infection, and replenishing lost oils


Our Hand and Hide does just this and more. Use daily to hydrate, heal, and restore.


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