Men's Health for MOvember

In support of MOvember, I’d like to acknowledge Men’s Health. Weight gain, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, prostate health, low energy levels, poor sleep and digestion are all concerns for men I am regularly asked about. By age 30, men have reached their physiological peak, the chief hormone testosterone begins to decline. Metabolism decreases so weight is gained more easily, it’s more challenging for the liver to detoxify alcohol and poor quality fats. So as you can see, it’s pretty crucial men are aware as early as possible how important it is to look after themselves. Statistics show cardiovascular diseases are the main causes of death for our men. So what do men need? (or rathe

Men's Health

In light of MOvember, we invited Dr Kyle Eggleton to further discuss men's health. In this article I want to highlight three conditions which disproportionately affect mens health. These conditions are suicide, melanoma and motor vehicle accidents. Men account for 71%, 65% and 71% respectively of all deaths arising from these conditions. Suicide alone accounts for about 360 male deaths every year. For each of these conditions there is something that we can do for our fathers, sons, brothers and friends that might save a life. These things are – be vigilant, speak up, seek help. Be vigilant. Watch out for the man who stops talking, or is not as happy as he once was. Watch out for odd looking

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