Triangular design muted Magenta/Green middle and Silver/Aqua-blue outer and abstract black border with a silver bail and black cord necklace.



Fused Glass Pendant Magenta/Green Silver/Aqua-blue Black 1002

  • Approximate Dimensions (pendant only):

    Length: 3.5 cm

    Top width: 1 cm

    Bottom Base width: 2.8 cm


    Cord length:   43cm (17”) or 46 cm (18”)


    Available:  1 only

  • Dream Cream Pendants

    These beautifully crafted pendants are the perfect gift to add glamour and style, or as a special piece (or pieces) for yourself.

    Each pendant is individually hand made.  Several pieces of special (Dichroic) glass are carefully arranged on a backing glass and covered with a clear. It is then placed into a kiln and fused together at a very carefully controlled high temperature, then allowed to slowly cool.

    No two pieces are ever the same, making each pendant totally unique and individual.  They are abstract and are not intended to appear perfect or uniform in any way, and at times small air bubbles may become encased, adding to its own special identity. 

    We take extra special care to get the colours in our photos as true to the actual product at possible, but at times there could be a very slight variance.