Ornamental Shirt

Metallic Rust



Ornamental Shirt - Metallic Rust

  • This classy artwork of a shirt hung on the wall was hand produced at “The Cream Shed” which is also the home of Dream Cream. It is a creatively different wall ornament designed to bring unique character and charm to any room of your home. It would also look stunning in any bar, restaurant, café or reception/customer area of a business. The finish is rustic and slightly glossy to give instant eye appeal and will grab the attention of your own family members, and visitors to your home or business.


    Product Information:

    Even though this lovely creation is concrete coated it should still be handled with care.   It is ornamental only and is not designed for outdoor use.  



    Length 600 mm

    Width: 200 mm

    Depth: 80mm

    Lightweight – Less than 1 kg


    Number in Stock:  1