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We’ve combined two of our best sellers - Face Gold and Oil Cleanse – together in a pack at a special discounted price.


Contains: Face Gold and Oil Cleanse


Face Gold-20g

The first of the Gold Label series, Face Gold is an exquisite face cream made with Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic NZ Beeswax, a Calming blend of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils (including liberal amounts of Frankincense) and Turmeric Essential oil.


Oil Cleanse-80mls

Oil Cleansing is an ancient method of gently cleaning, de-clogging and toning the skin. Modern skin care has led us to believe that we need to strip our skin of all oils to stop breakouts and for general maintenance.   This is very harsh and can actually cause our skin to either dry out or overcompensate our naturally producing sebum oil, creating oily skin. Basically, oil dissolves oil.   With the oil cleansing method we are using clean nourishing oils, to massage away unclean oils left on our face after a day of living.  With matching PH levels, oil cleanse will not strip your skin, simply cleanse it.  The warm/hot facecloth used to remove the cleanse will open your pores and allow the clean oil to get in and lift the old, pore clogging oils out.  You will be surprised at how clean your face feels after cleansing with Dream Cream Oil Cleanse!  


Gold and Cleanse Combo

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