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Gently buff your face to perfection with this Vitamin C and Vitamin E enriched Face Scrub. Made with the magic of Organic Finely Ground Himalayan Salt and Organic Ground Orange Peel, this AMAZING Scrub will leave your skin soft, revitalised and nourished.  

Face Scrub

  • Gently massage a teaspoon of Face scrub over your dry face and neck for 30 seconds 2 to 4 times per week. Use a warm/ hot face-towel to wipe away and pat dry your face on a clean towel. We recommend use outside of the shower.


    Caution: We use a small amout of Certified Therapeutic Grade Orange Oil to increase the Vitamin C levels. In some cases this can cause photosensitivity, so use Face Scrub at night and take extra caution in the Sun xo 

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